Privacy is one of the most important foundations of a free society. We do not collect information about you on this site, with one exception: if you choose to fill out the Contact form, the information you send is entirely up to you.

We don't use cookies, LSOs, trackers, beacons, or anything else of that sort. Since we don't collect, we don't (and can't) "share," sell, rent, or otherwise provide your data to anyone. If you run Privacy Badger and Ghostery you'll see that this site comes up 100% clean.

We treat our client relationships as confidential and do not provide client data (including but not limited to PBX design & programming information, and other information we discuss with our clients or may learn in the context of client relationships) to anyone for any reason, with the following exceptions:

  1. If you have us place orders with telephone or broadband carriers, we'll need to give them the customary information for those orders.
  2. If we receive lawful requests from law enforcement or national defense agencies. Our Legal Canary says, "So far we have never had any such requests."
  3. If we'd like to cite you as a reference, we will ask your permission in advance, and you have the right to say Yes or No.
  4. If we design custom features for your use, we typically add them to our design library and make them available to others, without disclosing who else is using them."   copyright © 1999 – 2021 all rights reserved     website by infolane     c