The KX-NS700 series is a compact hybrid communications platform designed for small- to medium-sized businesses. This system is a superb, cost-effective solution for use by organizations with 8 to over 128 users.

Recommended Capacity
  • Up to 12 analog outside lines. Or 1 PRI trunk for voice calls (23 concurrent conversations), plus up to 6 analog lines for faxes etc.
  • Up to 128 users where everyone has similar desk phones (all digital or all VOIP). Higher capacity where more than one type of phone is used.
  • VOIP phones may be any combination of IPPT and SIP, in increments of 32.
  • The choice of digital, IPPT, and/or SIP phones depends in part on your wiring, and in part on the features that are needed (see Telephones Overview).
  • In addition to the desk phones, up to 128 mobile users: any combination of cellular DECT phones and conventional and "smart" cellphones.
  • Growth without obsolescence: the KX-NS700 saves cost by migrating your existing digital phones from earlier-model Panasonic PBXs.
Support for Remote Employees

Your off-site employees can be equipped for a range of mobile and home office solutions: OutRoute, mobile apps, VoIP phones, and soft phones on their PCs.

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