In addition to current-generation Panasonic PBX, voicemail, and telephones, Cooperative Digital also provides ongoing service and support for the following previous-generation Panasonic PBX, voicemail, and telephones:

PBX Systems

  • KX-TDA 50 and 50G
  • KX-TDA 100
  • KX-TDA 200
  • KX-TDE 100
  • KX-TDE 200
  • KX-TDE 600
  • KX-NCP 500
  • KX-NCP 1000

Voicemail Systems

  • KX-TVA 50
  • KX-TVA 200

Digital Telephones

  • KX-T 7200 series
  • KX-T 7400 series
  • KX-T 7600 series
  • KX-DT 300 series

VOIP/IPPT Telephones

  • KX-NT 300 series

We also provide service on KX-TA 824 PBX, the current-generation of smaller and simpler Panasonic PBX, often found in residential and small-business settings. And, we install these as inexpensive failover/backup systems to large PBXs, in situations where a couple of analog telephones at a receptionist desk aren't sufficient.

Occasionally we may propose one of the above systems for a new installation, such as when expanding from a smaller size of similar series. This might occur if you are expanding beyond the capacity of a smaller-sized similar unit and wish to keep your existing telephones.

Even-older equipment: If you have an existing KX-TD 816 or 1232 PBX, or KX-TVS voicemail (all of these cabinets are warm white or ash color), we can provide ongoing service, but remote programming for these may not be possible, so it may be worthwhile to upgrade to a current-generation system.   copyright © 1999 – 2021 all rights reserved     website by infolane     c