Telework and the COVID-19 Pandemic

by George Gleason

We will shortly be posting some site updates including a new page with information including a) what we can do for your remote employees and continuity of business plans, b) other information about telework, and c) information about safely sanitizing your office telephones and mobiles.

For now, to meet specific client requests, below is more information about Panasonic SoftPhone and a link to our Download page where you can download Version 4.2 and previous Version 4.0.

Panasonic SoftPhone app

SoftPhone provides all the functions of your Panasonic desk phone in a user-friendly form on any Windows PC.

After you contact us, we'll give you a userID and password to use when you click the link below. That will take you to a page where you can download the app as a .zip file. See further instructions on that page.

In addition to the current version 4.2 that you can also get via Panasonic, we have version 4.0 on the Links page, in case you need it due to issues involving VPN client apps. The Links page has more details about conditions that may require use of version 4.0.

This is for:

  1. Our exsisting clients. (Contact us by phone or by email, as you normally do for service orders.)

  2. Any organization in the greater San Francisco Bay Area that has a compatible Panasonic telephone system (KX-TDA, -TDE, -NCP, or NS- series; we can help you determine what you have), regardless of whether you are or aren't one of our clients.

    You will need to have a Panasonic-certified technician complete the installation and setup: that could be us or whoever installed and services your system. We are not using this as a sales come-on, and we would be happy to work with whoever is presently maintaining your telephone system. (Call us on 510-843-2667, press 1 for telephone systems.)

  3. Other certified Panasonic systems dealers anywhere in the United States, to use with your clients. We will need to verify your Dealer ID and Tech ID numbers, but we will not use that information for any other purpose. (Contact us by phone on 510-843-2667, press 1 for telephone systems.)

Note: We had previously provided direct download links for the /zip files right here on a public page, but were advised that Panasonic prefers to not do things that way, because it could cause problems if untrained persons attempt to set up SoftPhone without proper technical support.

Panasonic is committed to ensuring that its PBX systems and associated products always work correctly as designed. SoftPhone requires detailed setup on the PBX as well as on the PC. This in turn requires support from personnel who are properly certified to work on the PBX.

That's why we need you to contact us to get a userID and password to reach the download page.

Given the urgent need for cooperation by everyone engaged in essential work, we are making the downloads freely available without cost or obligation, to any organization that needs them, and to all Panasonic certified dealers. We'll keep your contact information private, and we won't use it for any purpose other than to provide you with access to the download page.

We are all in this together.