prevention • detection • recovery

Cooperative Digital Cybersecurity is a managed security services provider that helps companies protect their data and communications infrastructure from external and internal threats.

  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Security Shield network protection
  • Desktop/Laptop protection inside and outside the network
  • Mobile device protection
  • Security audits
  • Incident response


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Services at a Glance

Network Security Shield

A comprehensive package that protects your entire data and communications infrastructure. Tailored for your business, it is a complete solution for companies large and small.

Security Assessment

An examination of your network, software applications, internal procedures, employee training, backup and recovery plans, firewall rules, away-from-office, and mobile device exposure. From this we develop a threat detection report and security posture road map.

Regulatory Compliance Assessment



Employee Security Awareness Training

Cyber criminals seek to exploit employees, making them unintentional participants, or in some cases, co-conspirators. Better awareness and the maintenance of best practices mitigates this exposure.

Incident Response

You’ve been hacked. Time is of the essence to contain the damage. If you are a CDCS Security Shield client, an incident response team will begin to execute pre-planned response protocols within the hour.