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Verizon Service Interruptions Reported
January, 2024 — A patchy but widespread outage affected Verizon Wireless January 5, 2024. (read more)
Private Number Calls are a Security Risk for Government and Business
March, 2020 — As a result of increased telework in government and business, you are likely to receive more calls that show Private Number on your incoming caller ID. This is necessary as a temporary measure, but it's also a major opportunity for scammers, and a major security risk to the public. This article shows you how to reduce the risk of getting scammed. (read more)
Telework and the COVID-19 Pandemic
March, 2020 — In the COVID-19 pandemic, all of us must do our share to prevent spread of the new coronavirus. Telework is a key part of the public health strategy, and a sound business strategy. Panasonic's SoftPhone app provides all the functions of your Panasonic desk phone in a user-friendly form on any Windows PC. (read more)
PBX Notes: Strong Password Policy for PBX and Voicemail
February, 2018 — Cybercriminals and other bad actors are increasingly exploiting telephone systems, much as they exploit computers, software, and networks. The consequences can include direct costs (for example thousands of dollars of fraudulent international calls), liability risks (stolen user and client information that can become subject to lawsuits), and potential national security risks (hijacking by cyberterrorist gangs, for uses such as covert message drops). This is true regardless of whether you have a premises-based or cloud-based telephone system. (read more)